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Eve Silver
Recipient of the Maya Angelou Phenomenal Woman *Visionary Award

"I write, sing, and paint: If there's something that must be communicated to others, I will find a way to do it."

Educator and Public Speaker Eve Silver lectures, pushing forward the world-wide access to information. Large on her horizon is minority health risk information. In corporate settings, she interprets program designs for lay populations, designing tools that enable greater consumer comprehension of scientific and coporporate service strategies. Eve is a dynamic motivational speaker, a peer to peer, family life, crisis intervention speaker. A trainer. A Life Coach.

"The Earth is my community."
WORDCRAFT CIRCLE of Native Writers and Storytellers - Elder Member
"Every culture has learned of its beginnings through the narratives that carried forward the history and movement of its people. In our age, I believe that the art of human communication has been drowned in pixels and reduced to sound bites. I have revived the narrative's passion and purpose, for the modern world. I lecture nationally and internationally, treking from Pole to Pole: from glittering Northern Canada, to neighbors, way further south, through my "Native to Native Outback Outreach" Lecture Tour, encompassing Australia from Toowoomba to Perth's shinning coast; and across to Aukland, down to Christchurch, New Zealand, and north again to North America, from Coast to Coast: to sit with the Pacific Northwest Rim Nations, and stand in the United Nations territory, cradled in the heart of New York City."

United Nations - Speaker (2008, 2012, 2016) CSW60, Conference on the Status of Women

As a Researcher, Eve Silver developed a natural, non-surgical nipple and areola reconstruction alternative for breast cancer survivors.
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The MeAgain Kit web site for more information on breast enhancement. Read the International Call to Henna Artists, here.

Project Liaison - Keynote Speaker - Trainer
"I create a global resonance to your most passionate ideas."

Mighty Motion Pictures:
Award winning pro-information documentary for women:

Gold Award Winner: 2016 World Documentary Awards Festival

Mighty Motion Pictures
Producer: Joses Martin
Director: Punam Gil

National Talk Presentations:

  • How to Speak to Your Own Kids
  • Light in the Built Environment as it affects the disruption of circadian rhythym and its possible, causal effects, regarding breast cancer in women (Sylvania Corporation)
  • Mortality and Morbidity from Breast Cancer in Global, Underserved Populations
    (Covering Speaker for Surgeon General Antonia Novello, Rodondo Beach, CA.)

  • Australia and New Zealand August/September 2005

    The Clear Research "NATIVE TO NATIVE"

    Health Risks of Underserved Populations

         Program: NATIVE to NATIVE Adelaide, Australia

    For centuries, the Aboriginal people of Australia never reported breast cancer in their communities. Suddenly, a few decades ago, breast cancer began to appear. It is still on the rise. Eve Silver's lectures were well-received throughout Australia and New Zealand.

    Eve Silver with Maori tribal member, Olive.
    Christchurch, New Zealand.

    Taino Roots
    The Native Americans of Puerto Rico
    Story: My Father's Island home

    Taino Rock Art
    Taino Rock Art

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    Recipient of the Maya Angelou Phenomenal Woman Visionary Award
    The Maya Angelou PhenomenalWoman Visionary Award:
    is given to she who exhibits the core values held by Maya Angelou: This recipient is a leader in social justice and a voice in American culture for the marginalized and oppressed. She promotes activism on behalf of all who face injustice in their daily lives. Through this recipient's ongoing efforts, there has been significant movement toward reform for the marginalized and disadvantaged in the United States.

    Eve Silver

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